Head-chef of restoran Gianni Costantino Veglianti was born an raised in Lazio province near Rome, Italy. He has been polishing his cooking skills in restaurants in United Kingdom, USA, Germany and of course in Italy. He travels to Berlin from time to time until this day as he owns a cosy restaurant there.
Gianni dishes are prepared from carefully picked products originitating mainly from Italy. Costatino is also very interested in local products and he often uses quite a few seasonal products that he finds at the local markets. In autumn he can often be found in Estonian forests picking the berries and mushrooms.
In addition to cooking Costatino can be viewed as a living encyclopedia of wine and about Italian wines he can speak for days. Costantino enjoys discovering wines from small and largely unknown wine houses and he often prefers these to the famous brands. This is also reflected on Gianni’s wine card.